The aim of the Department’s Curriculum is to provide scientific knowledge so as to make graduates modern scientists, people aware of the problems of the time and able to cope with the needs of the labor market, emphasizing in the use of technology.

In the first six semesters, the Curriculum offers fundamental courses which provide the background knowledge in the field of mathematical sciences, but also specialized courses in Theoretical Mathematics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Probability and Operational Research, Physics, and Didactics, which allow graduates to be informed about current topics and diverse applications of the mathematical sciences, as well as to get familiar with new technologies.

In the last two semesters, a large number of elective courses are available, corresponding to both the classical and the modern scientific areas of Mathematics, from which the students can choose, according to their interests, but also with a view to the continuation of their studies at a postgraduate level, following a specific specialization.

Finally, the Curriculum gives the opportunity

  • to all of the graduates of the Department of Mathematics to obtain a certification of digital skills,
  • to all of the graduates of the Department of Mathematics, but also of other university Departments, who plan to engage in education at any level, to attend a set of fundamental and special didactics courses, in order to obtain a certification of pedagogical and teaching competence.

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