The Department of Mathematics of the School of Science of the University of Thessaly was established in 2019 and the first students were admitted at the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020.  The Department is situated in the city of Lamia, Prefecture of Fthiotida in Central Greece.

The Department offers, in addition to the undergraduate studies, the opportunity of undertaking doctoral research, which leads to a PhD award, as well as postdoctoral research.

In the Department there exists the legislated laboratory Mathematical Sciences Research Laboratory (MSRL).

The primary objectives of the Department are:

  • the education of undergraduate students, in order to understand fundamental concepts of Mathematics and to cultivate and develop mathematical thinking, so that they are able to manage issues that require qualitative and quantitative understanding,
  • the provision of a high level of mathematical knowledge to students, which corresponds to the evolution of classical and modern areas of the mathematical science, and
  • its graduates must be well-trained scientists to meet the needs of education, economy and research.